Robaina's plantation

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5ta Y 16 LCDH (Havana) Always a Pleasure to Visit

                   I have to be honest with all of you, although I've known Carlos Robaina for more than a decade and we consider each other friends, my visits here are usually not very lengthy....I always have somewhere to go. However, with the unbearable heat this past month and because of that fact it was next to impossible to walk in it for long time, I found myself staying a little longer during my last visit. Carlos is never at a loss for words and if you know him, he's always got a new joke (or two) to tell you. There were no other smokers other than myself (nobody else was crazy enough to come during this heat) and I had Carlos all to myself. It wasn't until 2 cigars and several shots of rum later that I was able to brave the heat once again. As usual Carlos was a superb host, and seeing how I knew everyone there, my stay was very pleasant....I even found a pedestrian box of Romeo y Julieta with 2010 box date. All is well at 5ta y 16, please visit and tell Carlos I say hello.