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Thursday 8 September 2016

Chicken Little (Restaurant) Guanabo, Havana

                       An Italian friend of mine who stays in Guanabo told me about this place. He swore that the pasta was some of the best he's had in Cuba, as good as or better than the pasta at Piccolo Restaurant just down the street. Piccolo is a go-to place for me when it comes to Pizza and sometimes we'll make the trip from Old Havana to come to Piccolo for a Pizza but although I know the pasta to be good, I prefer not to have pasta in Cuba. However, I didn't come to Chicken Little for the pasta, I came for the.....Chicken.
                      These guys know what they're doing, they have a theme and a mascot and provide good service with ample choices on the menu....they even have a kids menu. You're offered a free cocktail once you're seated, no smoking inside but lots of seating outside. We sat in a private booth, what used to be someone's bedroom since this used to be a house that's now been converted into a Paladar. They have pictures on the walls depicting the mascot, Chicken Little (of books and movie fame), and it's used on the menus and check holders. Many dishes to choose from, 16 different chicken main courses (check menu below). We ordered a lot of food and couldn't finish it, we were 4 adults and 2 children. The total bill was 95cuc but 37 of it was alcohol, only 58cuc was food. We had a very pleasant experience and the only regret was that we couldn't try more things. My favourite of the chickens we had was the honey mustard.

Chicken Little Restaurante
Calle 504 No.5815 E/ 5b 5c
Guanabo, Havana
tel. 537-796-2351

Beef Carpaccio 5.50

Garbanzo Fritto 3.75

Tostones 4.00

Pato Donald (Kid's Chicken Dinner) 5.95

Pollo Crema 5.95

Honey Mustard Chicken 5.75

Pollo Curry 6,25

Chicken Empanado Golden 6.75

Puree of the Day 2.00

Tres Leches (Dessert) 3.00

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