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Sunday 18 September 2016

Ranchón El Pellizco (Paladar) Guanabacoa Havana Summer 2016

                Here I am once again at 'El Pellizco', somewhere on the outskirts of least this time I have an address for you. I've never seen a tourist here or at least not alone, as in my case where I come with my Cuban family. I found nothing on the internet referring to this restaurant the first time I posted it on the Blog but this time I even discovered the video clip I posted below.
                The restaurant serves only pork dishes with an array of side dishes & a chicken for the non-pork eaters or children. I love pork and although people I know in Cuba have said the food here has gone downhill, I found it to be consistently good as I have on this favourite dish is the ribs. The service is okay but sometimes I feel neglected. You're eating outside so expect flies and cats. You can't beat the price for this quality, 29cuc, 4 adults & 2 children, for more food than we could finish (including drinks). I love their Smoked Loin as well, I had it on a previous visit and tried some from someone else's plate on this one. For dessert try the coconut ice cream, it's served in the half shell. The place is always busy during or close to meal times and I've always had to wait in line (no exception this time) for 15-20 minutes. For me, it's worth the wait.
Prices on the menu are in National Pesos....25 to 1cuc

Ranchón El Pellizco
Carretera Monumenta km 19,5
Guanabacoa, Havana

Smoked Loin 2.00cuc

Ribs 2.00cuc

Platano Maduro .60cuc

Avocado .80cuc

Tamale .60cuc

Chicharitas free

Yuca .60cuc

Coconut Ice Cream 1.20cuc

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