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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Embassy Row (Miramar) Havana (2018)

                      Quinta Avenida, a multi-lane, high speed through-way, runs east-west straight through the heart of the once upper-class district of Miramar (Havana). I say, 'once' upper-class, because all the mansions in the area were once owned by rich Cubans, most of which fled the country after 1959. Today many of those houses are owned by regular citizens, that is unless they haven't been converted into a government entity. Quinta Avenida, or most of it, has been taken over by the government which has installed or converted the most luxurious of those homes into government buildings or embassies. At present time, Havana hosts 110 embassies, approximately 50 are along 5ta Avenida, another 50 on either side (3ra Avenida and 7ma Avenida are also major east-west thoroughfares) and the remaining are scattered elsewhere around the city.
                     A minimum speed of 60km must be maintained and no stopping is allowed along 5ta Avenida as well as no left turns with few exceptions until you arrive at the traffic circle at Calle 110, approximately five kilometers in distance. Running through the center of 5ta is a pedestrian walkway that's meticulously landscaped. Miramar officially ends at Calle 42 but most people consider that it stretches for an extra kilometre or so, to Calle 110. The area I walked along begins at 6th and 5ta and stretches to Calle 92. I was able to get decent pictures of 26 of the 50 embassies along this strip. Maybe for a future post I will find the embassies that are located on either side of 5ta and/or the ones I missed along the renowned through-way. For now, it's safe to say that 5ta Avenida has earned the nickname of Embassy Row.

Vietnam  #1802 esq.18

Trinidad and Tobago  #6603

Russia  #6402 e/62 y 66

Saudi Arabia  #4607

Belarus  #6405

Kuwait  #6804

Bulgaria  #6407

Swiss  #2005

European Union  #2007

Malaysia  #6612 esq.68

Cambodia  #7001

South Africa  #4201 esq.42

Pakistan  #2606

Bahrain  #2400(?)

Nigeria  #1401

Zimbabwe  #1405

 Republic of Congo  #7400

East Timor  #7408

Laos  #2808

Sri Lanka  #3004

Ghana  #3407

Turkey  #3805

Bahamas  #3006

Dominican Republic  #9202 esq.92

Gabon  #1808

Panama  #2207 Esq 24


Saudi Arabia



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