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Monday 19 March 2012

El Templete (restaurant review)

               This is a great restaurant that I should have reviewed months ago. I've been coming here a couple of years and have yet to have a bad experience. On this last visit, in addition to my date, I brought along a friend of mine who has never been to Havana. This was the first restaurant we ate at on this trip and I wanted to show my friend that you can find good food in Cuba. It was 11pm on a friday night. Another excellent dinner and my friend was impressed.
                My friend started with the seafood bisque. It's usually a good bet in Cuba but isn't always done right. On this particular occasion it was excellent and full of flavour. It tasted like they actually used some seafood in this dish. We also had a Templete style Hummus which we always order for the middle of the table as an appetizer. It's simple but always good even though it's not like the one I have back home. My friend and I both had the Tuna steak as our main course. I've had it here on other visits and have always been happy with it. This time was no exception, cooked to perfection, just slightly undercooked, the way I like it. My date had the Red Snapper filet that was moist and delicious. All the dishes had a simple but lovely presentation.
                  Once again El Templete did not disappoint and it's the reason that I continue to come here for some of the best seafood in the city. Although we didn't have any this time, they have a large assortment of desserts which are as delicious as they are imaginative. I forgot to take the bill with me but for the 3 of us, all the food, 2 bottles of wine and service was approx. $110. When just the two of us have gone in the past the bill is usually around $70 all in with one bottle of wine.
                   Located at the end of the Malecon just behind the Plaza de Armas, it's an excellent spot to grab a bite to eat while walking around Old Havana. I strongly recommend a visit to this restaurant if you're in the area.
Avenida del Puerto #12-14 esq/ Narciso Lopez
Habana Vieja behind Plaza de Armas
Phone  7 866 8807
Hours Daily noon-midnight

Outdoor Patio

Seafood Bisque


Red Snapper


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