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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill (cigar review)

           I haven't had one of these cigars in probably close to a year. They were a staple of mine when they first came out. I bought bundles and bundles of them and smoked and gifted my way through most of them. I love this size of cigar. I only have a couple left now and this was one of them.
            This cigar is probably about 2-3 years old now. It was a little frayed at the foot with a slight crack but other than that and a slightly visible vein, this was a perfect looking specimen. The wrapper was a medium cafe latte colour, smooth and dry with a perfect cap. It was firm to the touch.
             The pre-light draw was perfect with hints of leather. I don't ever remember finding one with a bad draw. Once lit the draw was effortless with flavours of nuts and wood, a good solid medium body. I remember when I first got these they were big and strong right from the start. The burn was uneven, something I found with most of these cigars. With the draw being so easy I had to slow down my smoking so it wouldn't burn hot. At about the halfway mark I flicked the ash. At this point the cigar was becoming quite spicy and was picking up strength. These were the Wides I remembered, big and spicy all the way through. That's how they were when they were young. They're so unlike any of the other R y J's, something I noticed the first time I smoked one. The cigar burned uneven all the way through and I found myself constantly toughing it up. A small price to pay for such a good smoke. At about an inch from the end it turned on me. The flavours crashed and it became harsh and unsmokeable for me. So I gave it up.
              The cigar had matured nicely but I feel it could have aged longer. I have a few left, maybe I'll save them. Then again, maybe not.

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