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Sunday 18 March 2012

Trinidad Robusto Extra (cigar review)

             I picked up a few bundles of these cigars a couple of years ago in Pinar del Rio. I haven't had one in a while, the last one didn't seem quite ready yet. I was interested to see how it's changed. I was visiting a friend today and just had this a couple of hours ago.
             The wrapper was a caramel colour, smooth, oily and veinless, a pleasure to behold. The pre-light draw seemed perfect with hints of toffee, a little sweet. That in itself was a big change from previous smokes. The first puff was mellow with a slight taste of asparagus which a little later made room for hazelnut and walnut. It was turning into a medium to mild body. The draw was perfect, doesn't get better than this but the burn was uneven. At about the 1/4 mark the burn started to straighten out a bit. The ash dropped on it's own at about the 1/3 mark. I started to taste chocolate and it was beginning to lean more to the medium body at about the halfway mark. I was doing something and let the cigar sit for too long and it went out but on the re-light all was fine, the flavours didn't change. Started to pick up a little strength after the halfway mark but never really changed that much. The cigar was burning evenly, the flavours held on and there was no bitterness. It smoked beautifully right down to the end. I couldn't put it down but finally couldn't hold it any more.
               This smoke was much different than the previous ones I had. I'm glad I stopped smoking them for a while. I still have a few left and it's good to know they're ready to smoke. This is a great smoke and would recommend it to anyone to buy but make sure to give it at least a couple of years to shake off it's youth.

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