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Saturday 10 March 2012

Museo Nacional de La Ceramica (museum of contemporary ceramics)

              A few trips ago I was walking along Mercaderes in Old Havana on my way to the "Conde de Villanueva" to visit a friend. I noticed a museum that I hadn't seen before, it was the Ceramic museum. The place looked interesting from the outside and there was no charge to enter, so I did.
               The pictures below are from my current visit. They appear to have permanent exhibits but the area I photographed is a display that changes. The art in these pictures is not the same as my previous visit a few months ago. The location was someone's mansion many years ago but as with many of these old houses, it's been converted into a museum.
               Mercaderes is a lovely street with several diversions and a couple of nice restaurants. I would definitely recommend a walk along this road and step into the Ceramic museum if you happen to see it. You can easily spend 20-30 minutes in there if you visit the entire house.

Located on Mercaderes #27 at the corner of Amargura
Open daily

Zurina Vedaguer  1944

                                           Lazaro Hernandez

Marta Jimenez  1948  $195

Osmany Betancourt  $60

Osmany Betancourt  $200

Jorge Jacas  1957

Jorge Jacas  1957  $78

Teresa Sanchez  1964  $500

Carlos Enrique Prado  1978

Beatriz Sala Santacana

Angel Rogelio Oliva  1952

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  1. Cada vez que viajo a mi pais, esa es mi ruta. Visito el Capitolio, recorro la calle Obispo, y luego sigo rumbo a la calle Habana para ir hasta Amargura que es donde vive mi hermana. Por supuesto que visito el Museo. Es algo digno de ver.

    Saludos desde España.

    Te invito a que me visites y dejes un saludo.