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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bolivar Fabuloso Edicion Regional Benelux 2009 (cigar review)

                 I loved the look of this cigar that I smoked about a month ago, especially the size, an Edmundo or Robusto @ 52 x 135 (5.3"). 2600 boxes of 25 cigars were made. The BENELUX signifies Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, which at the time the importer was distributing to these 3 countries.
                 This cigar had a silky, light coloured, veiny wrapper with a slightly bumpy cap. Although hard to the touch, the pre-light draw told me it was going to be fine. I was drinking a Mojito at this time and the flavours I got before lighting this stick were wood and spice. Once lit however, big change, floral notes. I'm not particularly fond of this flavour and hoped it would change but by the time I got to the first quarter the burn was off and flavours remained the same. Past the first quarter and nearing the second the draw was perfect and it was beginning to give off lots of woodiness but always with those floral notes. I've had to keep touching it up with my torch but otherwise burning well.
                  Last quarter earthy and floral. Too much glue on the second band when I took it off. It's a medium to strong bodied cigar. At this point I'm drinking a dry rose wine from Rioja, Spain. The last quarter is still floral and the cigar has gotten stronger. The floral notes kept coming and going at this point. Once the cigar turned on me I put it down.
                  I wasn't particularly crazy about this cigar's flavours but I don't like floral. Well constructed, good full body, an excellent smoke for those who enjoy that profile but not for me. I have another one and eventually will smoke it and compare. Thanks to my friend from Belgium for this cigar.

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