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Sunday, 22 July 2012

El Aljibe Restaurant, Havana (cigar shop)

               For a cigar lover Cuba is a paradise. Not only can you smoke just about everywhere, you'll also find some pretty decent cigar shops in the most unlikely of places. I wouldn't find a kiosk selling cigars in a restaurant unusual but an actual store..... The 'El Aljibe' restaurant is one of these places in Havana that has a cigar shop on the property. There's even a tiny smoking area even though the shop fills with smoke the instant someone lights up. This is not a large shop and the selection isn't huge but you'll see by the pictures it's not bad and actually there's a pretty good selection of singles being sold as well as the boxes.
                So if you happen to be in Havana heading to the 'El Aljibe' restaurant and forgot your cigars....don't worry, you can buy whatever you need at the restaurant.