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Monday, 14 October 2013

Bolivar Libertadores Edición Regional Francia 2006 (cigar review)

                  This is one of my favourite Vitolas, the Sublime weighs in at 54 x 164 (6.5"). 3000 numbered boxes of 10 cigars were released in 2006 and  then another 4000 boxes the following year. The box date on this cigar is Oct 07 it's safe to say it's at least 6 years old but my guess is it's a little older.
                  It had a smooth, oily, veinless wrapper with a slightly bumpy cap and was hard to the touch. I couldn't get anything off the pre-light draw. Once lit I picked up roasted nuts and coffee, the draw was a hair firm but not bad. The burn had started to go off shortly into the cigar and it wasn't a medium body, closer to mild at this point. The firmness of the draw was just bad enough that you couldn't neglect the cigar. If you put it down for too long it would go out. Fortunately I don't have that problem, I don't put my cigar down. The burn had almost straightened itself out a little further in and I was picking up earthy undertones.
                   By the time I reached the first quarter the burn was bang on and the ash was hanging on, it didn't drop on it's own until the third way mark. At this point the flavours weren't changing much, it wasn't until I reached halfway through the third quarter that the earthiness was coming though a lot stronger. It was burning hot through the middle, I had to relight the cigar and do a touch up.
                  A little bitterness on the last quarter but it subsided. The last couple of inches were a little demanding. I had a couple of relights and touch-ups but surprisingly the flavours held on. The earthiness was dominating at this point but the cigar was still smokeable and I couldn't put it down. Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and had to let it go but otherwise it was still tasting pretty good.
                  This was an excellent cigar that I enjoyed very much. It wasn't anywhere near as strong as how we think a Bolivar should be but full of flavour nonetheless and an absolute pleasure to smoke. I think this cigar is in it's sweet spot, I don't know if it's going to get any better but that's only my opinion. Smoke em' if you got em'. I wish I had more than just another one. If you get the opportunity to smoke one of these guys, take it. I'm putting the word out that I'm looking for more.

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