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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Partagas Corona Gorda 2015 Habanos Añejados (my thoughts)

                   I didn't realize this was a Corona Gorda until just now, it seemed more like a Corona to me. I've been getting used to the thicker ring gauges that have been released over the past few years. They actually refer to it as a Grand Corona, it weighs in at 46 x 143 (5.6"). The tobacco in this cigar is aged for 5-8 years and was just released this year. They're sold in dress boxes of 25 cigars each.
                   It's an attractive looking cigar with an oily darkish coloured wrapper devoid of veins and just slightly bumpy. It's thickly packed with little give when squeeze but upon lighting it there is absolutely no obstruction in the draw, it's perfect. The first thing I taste is musty mushrooms and wood...that sounds odd but there was a lot going on that I couldn't quite describe and that's the first thing that popped in my head. It started out pretty big and as I said, a lot was going on but once I had a sip of Ron Varadero 7 year old, wow, everything settled down. It was amazing the changes that happened with the flavours we were tasting. It happened to my smoking buddies as well and they were both smoking something else Cuban.
                    Past the first inch and the burn is bang on while the cigar begins to taste a little sweet. It turns out to be a good solid medium bodied cigar that shortly after the first quarter settles down to an earthy finish with varying degrees of woodiness.
                    This is in my opinion the best of the 3 Anejados that I've tried, the next best being the Montecristo. I have yet to try the Hoyo but have been told by several people that it's not very good. I'm still going to want to find out on my own. As for the Partagas, I'm calling the store today to hold a box for me until my next visit. Exceptional cigar with aging potential. I don't remember what they cost but they weren't super expensive. Buy a box if you have the opportunity.

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  1. Great review.... I agree that the cigar itself looks georgeous.