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Thursday 7 April 2016

Espacios Tapas-Restaurant (Havana) A Visit

                I don't know where I got the name of this place or how long I've had it but it's been open for a little over three years now. I think I may have been looking through a directory of places close to where I live when I'm in Havana. We had some time to kill on this particular afternoon and decided to do some bar hoping, eventually stopping somewhere for dinner. The menu was interesting enough but this wasn't going to be the place where we settled down. A very attractive place with works of art done by prominent Cuban artists scattered all around the place. The time of day didn't do the place justice, it very obviously looked like a great place to hang out in the evening and after doing some talking and reading that's exactly their forte. The place is alive in the late hours with people a lot younger than we are, sort of like the FAC in the Vedado district. It's more of a loungy place with high top tables and stools and lower lounge chairs and coffee tables, I only saw one regular table and chairs indoors. There's a lot of room out back for mingling and I read that on occasion they have live music. There may have been one other small group of people while we were there this mid-late afternoon but I'm sure it gets packed later in the day. They had some interesting items on the menu and a friend has told me the food was surprisingly good but looking at the place on this afternoon it didn't give me that impression. I'm going to have to try it myself one day soon. For now I've posted some pictures below as well as their menu and bar list....which by the way, they have a great assortment of alcohol available at a not so expensive price tag ie....Santiago 11 year old at 6cuc and the 20 year old at 12cuc.

Espacios Tapas-Restaurant
Calle 10 #513 e/5ta y 7ma,
Playa, Havana,
Tel: +53 7 2022921
Hours: 1pm until 2am

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