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Friday 22 April 2016

Havana....A Long Time Ago

                       These pictures were given to me a long time ago by a Cuban friend. Where he got them from I have no idea, maybe from some library in Havana. I hope I'm not breaking any laws by posting them but I have no idea who to ask for permission. For now, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and lets hope I don't get into trouble. All pictures are pre-revolution.


Carlos III y Belascoin

Agramonte y Monte

Neptuno y Prado

5ta Avenida (above and below)

Calzada del Cerro (above and below)


Infanta y San Lazaro

Puente Almendares (above and below)

Calle 41 y 44

El Arco de Belén en La Habana Vieja

Arial shot of Havana

July 1955

Univ. de La Habana.Calle San Lazaro (above and below)

San Lazaro y Neptuno

Calle 23 y E 


Carlos III y Belascoain

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