Robaina's plantation

Sunday 3 April 2016

Partagas Cigar Shop (Havana) March 2016

                    Back again but this time with hardly anyone festivals equals peace and quiet in the V.I.P. room. My friends and I had the whole room to our selves but the excellent services that the store provides for it's patrons wasn't lacking in the least. Coffee and Rum was offered as usual as was the friendly conversation about the Obama visit and of course the Rolling Stones that were throwing a free concert at the midpoint of my vacation. For those of you interested in what cigars were available, there wasn't anything special, or at least nothing of interest for the Aficionados I know. I got tired of flipping boxes to check the year, nothing older than 2015. Nothing has changed since this past November, everyone is fine, everyone is still there and La China was rolling cigars again. However, when I asked to buy some of 'China's' cigars I was told there weren't any. That means they're sold as fast as she rolls them....maybe next time, or maybe I should order ahead of my trip. Nothing more to tell, no surprises at Partagas (a good thing). I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

'La Casa del Habano'
Calle Industria no.52,
Havana, Cuba
Tel: +537 862 3772


  1. I was going to ask if there were any "Specials" due to Rolling Stones being there...... :0)

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