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Monday 18 April 2016

Tic Tac Boquitas (Havana Restaurant) Cuban fast food

                     When I say fast food, I'm not meaning what pops into a North American's head. What I mean to say, there's no drive-thru window, it's not a hamburger joint and the food is actually pretty good. It's priced at about half of what we would pay in North America for something comparable. They have no fries and the Milkshakes are well worth a try. They claim to offer 50 sandwiches but many shown are of the same main ingredient with different possible combination with the several ingredients that they offer. However, the sandwiches are very good, the ingredients are of good quality and ample. They also offer a few different platter combos and something called a Pizza Cone, a pizza slice in the shape of a cone. I haven't had it yet but they tell me it's very good. The only reason I haven't had one yet is because of the thought of all that white flour wrapped around a bunch of salt and at my age that's not a good formula.....but don't think I haven't thought about it with yearning or that I won't give it a try (but not until I'm ready take a very long walk aftyerwards). I've always had the sandwiches with some meat or another and cheese and I've always been very happy. Their logo is the McDonald's M, but upside down....thinking of the future I guess. They're located deep in Playa, Miramar in what used to be a big still is a big house but now it has two restaurants on the ground floor, the other being 'El Rejoneo'. I've never seen anyone in the other restaurant but that may be because I'm usually here in the afternoon. As far as Tic Tac goes, I've never seen them packed either. I love their food and it doesn't put a hole in your pocket (or stomach) if you're looking for something fast and light. I come here at least once a week on average. All seating is outdoors with most tables being under a canopy where smoking is allowed. The prices on the menu are for the smaller version of the sandwich, but in the true spirit of capitalistic entrepreneurship, they always ask you if you want to supersize your meal. Two visits this past March, 3 people for each seating, I never spent more than $20 with beer and drinks included.

Tic Tac Boquitas
Calle 11 esq.84 No.8220,
Miramar. Playa, Havana
Phone: (+53) 7203 5190

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