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Monday 13 August 2012

Juan Lopez Seleccion No.3 Edicion Regional Benelux 2010 (cigar review)

                This is another one of those cigars given to me by my good friend who lives in Belgium. I haven't had the time to smoke all the cigars he's given me but I'm trying my best to get through them. The Benelux signifies that it's sold only in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The size is called a Petit Edmundo which is a Petit Robusto and at 52 x 110 (4.3") it was the perfect vitola for this moment. Only 1600 boxes of 25 cigars were made and released in 2010.
                 The foot of this cigar was slightly cracked but I'm sure it wouldn't have any effect on the smoke. The wrapper was smooth, veinless and silky with a couple of blotches and was just slightly darker than a light brown. It was hard to the touch with a little give and a bumpy cap.
                  The pre-light draw seemed to be perfect with hints of cedar. Once lit however it gave off floral notes. The draw was absolutely perfect and the burn looked to be the same at this point. Approaching the first quarter and the floral notes were still there. Once past the first quarter the ash fell on it's own and the floral is replaced by wood and leather. Nearing the half way mark the cigar is once again tasting a little floral with woody undertones. Hasn't really changed too much up to this point except is was taking on a bit of bitterness but by no means an unpleasant smoke. I was enjoying this cigar, I was drinking a red wine while smoking it. If I was drinking something else I think this cigar would have tasted differently.
                   At about the halfway point the burn was only slightly off and floral was fading again to make way for earth and tobacco. The draw was as good as it gets, I had no complaints there. A couple of touch ups with my torch and the cigar was burning perfectly. This was proving to be a very pleasant Petit Edmundo. I was enjoying the second half of this cigar more than the first. This cigar has been a light-medium body smoke up to this point with little variance.
                   Nearing the last quarter and the floral flavours are all but a distant memory. It now has a dry, woody-earthy taste with an uneven burn which I keep touching up. It's beginning to pick up strength but is still smokeable. I like this cigar better than the Montecristo Petit Edmundo which my friend is smoking. This cigar is a lot smoother and both cigars were released around the same time in 2010.
                    Past the last quarter and the cigar was burning hotter through the middle. It didn't owe me anything at this point. I had enjoyed this cigar up to now. We had a dinner of Braised Beef Ribs and Rapini with a Barbera and a Nebbiolo from Piemonte, both red wines. Time to crash on the couch and watch some of the Olympics.


  1. I'm a big wine aficionado and I saw this wine on your blog. Is it a Cabernet or Merlot? and is it possible to get here in the US?

  2.'s a Nebbiolo. I live in Canada and can't tell you if it's available in the US.

  3. Nice review! The cigar ends with freshly baked bread and bitter coffee. I like it.