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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Partagas Salomones (cigar review)

                 I picked up this box dated July 2011 on my last trip to Havana and was really wanting to try one. The time was right, long day at work, perfect night to sit outside and the company couldn't be any better. I decided to share the moment with a couple of friends who have travelled with me to Havana in the past. The three of us all tried the first cigar from this box. It's always better to 'share the wealth' is my feeling and cigars are no exception. It gave me pleasure to spend this time with my smoking buddies.
                  Looking at these cigars lined up in the box was a sight to see. They looked outstanding sitting there dark and oily, alluring, just asking to be smoked. Upon further inspection, the wrapper was a little bumpy, mottled but otherwise veinless. Beautiful construction from cap to foot on this Double Perfecto at 57 x 184 (7.2"). There was a little give to the touch, not spongy but... I got nothing from the pre-light draw.
                  Before lighting a Salomon or a Diadema I usually clip both the cap and a touch off the foot as well. The reason I do this is to facility the lighting of the cigar and give it a better chance to burn evenly. My buddies told me it wasn't necessary this time, their cigars had lit well and gave them no problems. Once lit, the draw was perfect but the burn was a bit off. This was a mild, woody cigar with a touch of creaminess and a hint of earthy. The burn began to straighten itself out. By about the first quarter this cigar was burning, drawing and tasting great and my friends were enjoying theirs as well. I flicked the ash, I could feel it was stifling the smoke. Once the ash was gone I noticed it was beginning to burn hotter through the middle, I wasn't left with a point at the end of my cigar. It wasn't problem, I was able to fix it by touching it up with my torch and slow down my smoking a bit.
                    At about the first third this cigar hadn't changed much. I'm enjoying it but I can see where some Partagas fans may not like this smoke, it may be a little mild for their tastes. My friends were having the same experience. My cigar was still going through the burn issues, almost going out and having to be touched up now and again. The flavour went a little off for a moment but shortly after was ok.
                     By the time I reached the half-way point the burn was off. We all got a touch of floral at this point that came and went just for a moment. So it went like this, never really changing and always having to fight with the burn but is was a good cigar. I think mine was just a little too loosely rolled but the other two were fine. Going through the remainder of the cigars in the box I could feel they were half and half, some a little looser than others. Will have to pick a harder one for my next smoke.
                      If your going to buy this cigar because you think it's going to kick your ass, don't, it doesn't. It's a pleasant smoke and the three of us enjoyed it but there seems to be a little inconsistency in the cigars. After weighing the remaining cigars I found 4@18grams, 1@20grams and 2@22grams, that's about a 20% difference between them in some cases. I have two loose Solomon in my humidor both from different boxes and they weigh 20grams each. Once again, we enjoyed it.


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