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Saturday 29 December 2012

Diplomatico #2 (cigar review) Box Date Dec.06

                  This may have been only the second Diplomatico #2 that I've smoked in my lifetime, the other being gifted to me by the same person. This particular one had a Dec.06 box date. The Diplomatico brand was the first to be created after the revolution in 1966 that was sold to the public. This is the only vitola left in the Diplomatico line-up, all the others have been discontinued.
                   This cafe latte coloured stick was slightly bumpy and almost veinless. It gave me almost nothing on the pre-light draw but I could taste the box it came in and it seemed like the draw was going to be alright. Lighting the cigar confirmed a wonderful draw. After a few drags the burn was already a touch off. Picking up a touch of earth now, smooth medium body, almost mild actually. Drinking a Diplomatico Rum from Venezuela with this smoke which I find to be a bit dry and citrusy for my taste but not bad. Not one of my favourites but I have to try something different when given the opportunity (switched to the Zacapa 23 year old). The burn straightened itself out and I was getting this great ash. As I neared the first quarter some grassy notes became present.
                    At about the first third this smoke had a good firm ash that was still holding. As I neared the first half the flavours began to mellow out. This is about the time the ash fell on it's own leaving a nice cone that showed me the cigar was burning perfectly. The flavours were earthy now with a touch of bitterness creeping in so I backed off a bit slowing down my smoking. It seemed to work, the bitterness went away. The burn was off a bit so I touched it up with my torch.
                    Halfway through the third quarter and the bitterness was back but it wasn't too bad. Up to this point this cigar has been a pleasant smoke. It seemed to have lost something in the few years it's aged. I would have liked to have tried it at about the three year mark. It was smooth and hard to put down as you can see from the pictures. I smoked it to the end but it wasn't an overly exciting cigar, it was missing something. It's not the first cigar that comes to mind when you have limits on what you can buy and I have to admit, it still isn't. When you shop in Havana like I do, the choices are overwhelming and I can tell you that a Diplomatico is nowhere near the top of the list.

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