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Wednesday 19 December 2012

H.Upmann Robusto EL 2012 (Cigar review)

                 This was the last of the Edicion Limitadas that I got this year. It's a Robusto @ 50 x 124 (4.9"). They used two year old tobacco for this cigar. It had a beautiful dark, oily, veinless wrapper that was smooth to the touch with a slightly bumpy cap. The pre-light draw gave me light wood. When lit I got a great draw with lots of smoke. At this point it seemed like a medium body smoke, slightly bitter, with a bit of a barnyard taste. The burn was a little off but otherwise not too bad. At almost the first quarter the cigar went out. On the relight I noticed it was burning a bit hotter through the middle. I smoked one of these a month before and I remembered it being lighter. This one is a little stronger than a medium.
                Through the first quarter the barnyard flavour persisted but not as strong being replaced by earth and wood. Into the second quarter and picking up some black tea. Nearing the half and the cigar was still burning hot through the middle. I had to touch it up with my torch when it almost went out again. It was picking up strength and getting bitter again.
                 Past the half and it was bitter, too bitter. This cigar was too young, it probably needs a couple of years. I was almost going to put it down but it mellowed out a bit so I kept smoking. It finally went out again so I didn't relight it.
                 I seemed like it could be an ok smoke but I have no idea at this point. I do know that I'm going to put the rest of these cigars in the back of humidor and hopefully forget about them. It's hard to say at this point what will turn out with time. I don't know if I can recommend to buy these cigars.

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