Robaina's plantation

Thursday 13 December 2012

Train Junkyard (Havana) Nov.2012

                     I've been here before and posted about this place before as well but it's always changing and everybody loves a choo choo. It's located at the corner of  Industria and Dragones in Old Havana next to the Partagas factory, you can't miss it. It's not like they're hidden, they're in play view. Give the attendant a CUC and you can enter the grounds and take some better pictures. It's a great way to kill 15-20 minutes. One day I wanna be here when they either bring one or take one do they do that? No matter, one day, if I'm lucky, I'll be around when one is transported. For now, I've taken the pictures in their stationary mode. I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Wow! I know where I am taking my kids next time in Havana! How convenient it is close to the Partagas factory! Thanks for the info.