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Sunday 30 December 2012

Hotel Melia Cohiba (Havana) Art Exhibit

                      During my many trips to Havana over the last few years I've had the opportunity to walk through many hotel lobbies. It has come to my attention that every hotel in Havana has some form of Art displayed throughout different spots in their lobbies. The size or popularity of the hotel determines what amount of art will be displayed and it's all local artists, in some cases with price tags.
                       Of all the hotels I've walked through, the Melia Cohiba has had the best display. You can almost call it an art exhibit. On this last outing I had the opportunity to visit the hotel. I took the escalator to the second floor to see what they had hanging on their walls. This hotel always has a fair bit of art hanging on the walls on this second floor but on this occasion it had almost 40 pieces. This is where you'll find the LCDH and several expensive restaurants.
                        I took pictures of all the pieces but I've only posted about half. You can't account for taste so these are the ones I liked better. You may or may not like them. Remember, the escalator to the second floor. There's always stuff hanging on the walls up there....that's if you like art.

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