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Monday 3 December 2012

Partagas Lusitania (Cigar Review)

                    This is one of my favourite vitolas and this is probably the one I like best out of all of them. It's always been consistent and never disappoints. I had a 6 year old at the Partagas Encuentro Gala Dinner last week that was a dream. A perfect way to start a long night. Except for maybe having to age them a bit, this is one of my favourite regular production cigars. The one I smoked for this review was just over a year old (Box Date Oct.2011) and didn't know how it would be since it was the first one I smoke from this box that I just brought back from Cuba.
                     The wrapper on this stick looked beautiful. It was on the dark side with hardly a vein, oily, hard to the touch with a slight box press and a perfect cap. The pre-light draw told me it would draw well and gave a light cedar flavour. When lit the initial puff gave me subtle notes of earth which made way for wood after several other draws. The burn starts out straight but after the first 1/4 inch goes off and burns that way throughout. By about the first quarter this cigar tastes like a good solid medium body or maybe a little stronger. The ash falls on it's own at this point and the flavours remain earth and wood.
                       Through the second quarter the cigar didn't really change in flavour. It picked a groove and stuck to it. I didn't mind, I was enjoying this cigar. The flavours were very smooth and it was an easy cigar to smoke. Nearing the last quarter and more of the same. Around about now I noticed the cigar burning a bit hot through the middle so I touch it up. Into the last quarter the cigar picks up strength and starts to get bitter. The draw became a bit too firm so I gave it up. This cigar had a slightly firm draw from the start but it wasn't too bad. Regardless, I think a year in the humidor will do it some good. It may also be the fact that they landed wednesday, got frozen thursday and thawed saturday. This is going to be nice box of cigars.

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