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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Cohiba Lancero (cigar review)

              This Cohiba Lancero, as others I've smoked recently, was a perfect specimen. Way back in the early 90's when I was just beginning my foray into the cigar world, a good Cuban Lancero or "A" was hard to find, many of them were plugged. They were either rolled too tight or with too much filler.... in some cases, a handful from a box were good to smoke. Over production by inexperienced rollers was the reason, supply and demand. However, they have fixed the problem and for over the last 15 years I've been smoking some damn good Lanceros, especially the Cohibas. This particular one is dated from 93-03, those are the years they used this particiular band. I got them as part of a package with other cigars and can't be sure. They were kinda just thrown in.
               It was a firm, light coloured wrapper with few veins­. It had a slightly tight draw which opened up after about 15 minutes. It was absolutely perfect at the halfway point. Consistant flavour all the way through, it was like smoking a light caffe late. It was so creamy and just kept going like that way almost down to the end, no change. At about an inch to the end I was getting some funky juices coming through and just put it down. For some of you, it might have been boring but I loved it. Very mild for my taste, I would even recommend it to a first time smoker. There are times I just want to relax with a cigar, no surprises, I don't want to fight or wonder. This cigar was the bomb. I have two more. I hope they're smoking the same.

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