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Sunday 8 January 2012

Iglesia de Jesus de Miramar (Havana)

                Dominating the landscape at Quinta Ave. & Calle 82 in Miramar, Havana is the second largest church in Cuba, the Iglesia de Jesus de Miramar. I've driven by this church so many times but it wasn't until this last trip that I happened to be staying close by and walked over for a visit one day.
                 The church opened it's doors in May 1953, it took 5 years to build. When you first walk in the murals on the walls, that were painted by the Spanish artist Cesareo Cosculluela y Barreras, jump out at you. The images, portraying Jesus' walk to his crucifixion, are very strong & take up huge chunks of wall using vivid colours. The church contains the largest pipe organ in Cuba with it's 5000 tubes. Unfortunately it's in dire need of a major tune-up due to the fact of it's disuse after the revolution was won. Having been shut down for so many years, you would think the church would be brand new. It does look relatively new at first glance but upon closer inspection you see spots that need a little restoration. I also noticed that some of windows should be replaced or at least fixed. You could see water damage spreading out from some of the windows. Otherwise the church is in pretty good shape. Outside, behind the church, in the garden, is a representation of the Grotto of The Virgin of Our Lady of Lourdes.
                  Overall, it was a pleasant experience. It costs nothing to go in, there was lots of light and nobody seemed to mind me taking pictures. There was hardly anyone there. It wasn't your typical dark and dingy church that I'm used to seeing. If you go by car it can be a bit tricky with the no turns but if someone knows his way around it isn't a big deal if they know ahead of time. If you're staying in one of the several hotels in the area you may even be able to walk there like I did.

Location; 5 Ave. & Calle 82

Hours; open 7 days a week   9:00am - 12:00pm  &  4:00pm - 6:00pm
Mass;  Tues-Fri  9:00am   Sat  5:00pm   Sun  9:00am  &  5:00pm
Confession;   Tues-Fri   4:00pm  -  6:00pm


  1. Amigo,
    He paseado por tus fotos como si de un viaje a mi tierra se tratara. Me trasladé al pasado, como cada sábado que acompañaba a una amiga y visitábamos esa bella iglesia, con su estilo al románico-bizantino.
    ¿Sabias que es la segunda más grande que tenemos en el pais?
    Precioso rincón ese , imitación de la Gruta de Lourdes hecho de mármol de Carrara.
    Disfruté con esta visita, cada tarde entraré y dejaré algún mensajillo.
    Buena calidad de las fotos, pareciese que nos entregas un poquito de ese sol que tomaste en Cuba.

    Te invito a que me visites y dejes un mensaje.

  2. bella iglesia de nini iba con me abuelo el dia santa ana

  3. Preciosa iglesia. Cómo hago para conocer el horario de las misas los domingos?

    1. Creo que sí, pero no estoy seguro. Es una iglesia en funcionamiento, lo sé con certeza.