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Monday 16 April 2012

Bolivar 109 Edición Regional Alemania (Germany) 2009 (cigar review)

                This is the first of a series of cigars I will be reviewing that were sent to me by a friend in Germany. They are various Regionals from Germany. This first one is one of my favourite vitolas, the '109' by Bolivar named the 5ta Avenida. The original Lusitania by Partagas looked like this before they changed it to the current format. The vitola was known simply as the number 109.
               A dark, almost veinless wrapper that was really hard to the touch. A little bumpy cap to foot. The pre-light draw gave me almost nothing, I couldn't pick up any distinct flavours. Once lit, the draw was a little firm but smokeable. I caught a hint of cedar and nuts now and the burn was a little off.
               About a fifth of the way through the burn had gotten very uneven but the draw was getting better. It was unlike your typical Bolivar, it was medium to mild in body.
                I flicked the ash at a third of the way through and had to adjust the cigar with my torch. The burn was good for a bit and I was picking up a slight taste of my mom's artichokes by the halfway mark. By now the burn was off again and I had to adjust. It continued to burn uneven to the end.
                When there was about a third left to go I flicked the ash and noticed it was burning hotter inside so I adjusted for that. The wrapper was beginning to peel back in a spot. The last quarter started as a good solid medium and tasting really good with coffee and leather coming through now. That didn't last, it began to turn on me but then came back for a bit.
                 I enjoyed this cigar but had to work at it. First the draw was a little tight, then the burn was pretty much off throughout the smoke and finally burning hotter through the middle near the end. It remained a medium bodied smoke all the way through and enjoyed the tastes I experienced while smoking it. Even though it didn't fit the usual Bolivar profile, it was still a nice smoke. I love this vitola (109).

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