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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas (cigar review)

            This is a great little cigar and I'm sure those of you who have smoked one will agree. I have yet to speak to someone who has smoked one who says otherwise. This particular one has an Oct.06 box date.
             Nice box press and as hard as a rock. It had a smooth, veinless, dark cafe latte coloured wrapper. Once lit, it had a perfect draw with strong wood flavours, a little stronger than a medium. The burn started a little uneven but straightened itself out after a little while. A third into the cigar I tasted coffee and after flicking the ash I was left with a perfect triangle.
              When I was down to my last third the cigar continued to maintain it's strength and I was picking up hints of chocolate. The burn was even and I never had to touch up this cigar. It was an absolute dream to smoke and I couldn't put it down. Finally when I couldn't hold it any longer I gave up.
               This is a short review, it's a short cigar. This is a perfect size when you don't have time to smoke something big or just anytime you don't know what to smoke. I always keep one in my travel humidor for that occasion. It never lets me down. I strongly recommend this cigar and the price is great too. I believe I paid about 65cuc for it in Cuba. I have had several boxes of these cigars through the years and have never been disappointed.


  1. You are the man Baby!!! C'mon now every good Super hero needs a good sidekick!! So what do you say?!?!?! 8-) I love this page and everything about it. Great stuff!!