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Friday 6 April 2012

El Rey Del Mundo Edición Regional Italia 2008 (cigar review)

            This was a beautiful looking cigar that was sent to me by a couple good friends in Italy. I had seen this cigar years ago when it was released and I may even have smoked one but that was long before I began documenting my experiences.
             The wrapper on this cigar was smooth, almost veinless and not too light in colour but not dark either. It was very hard to the touch, no give whatsoever and that worried me. I thought for sure that it would be a tight draw. I was wrong again, the pre-light draw was perfect with hints of cedar. Once lit, the first draw had a little bite to it, pepper. I drank port with the cigar and it seemed to be a good combo.
              At about the first inch it began to taste grassy and the burn was almost even. Then it gave off some earthy flavours as the cigar and my palate began to settle down. This was a good solid medium body smoke. The ash was holding well and the draw continued to be good. I flicked the ash at about the 1/3 mark.
              At about the halfway mark the cigar was giving off more of a woody taste and picking up strength. It was beginning to be stronger than a medium body and the burn was just slightly off. When it got down to the last 1/3 however the edge came off and it got a little milder again. It would go out now and again at this point and sometimes even burned hotter inside. I touched it up with my torch and kept smoking. Near the end it even got a little harsh but whatever seemed to happen to this cigar, it would right itself and once again taste great. I kept smoking it until I couldn't hold it anymore. It was an excellent smoke that the Italians should be happy to have access to.
               I'm very grateful to my Italian friends for sending me this wonderful cigar and happy I have another one to try sometime in the future to test for consistency or just to enjoy. Grazie Amici.

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