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Friday 13 April 2012

Partagas Serie D no.4 (cigar review)

                  This cigar was given to me by Kiki at the Partagas store in Havana. I would guess that it's a current release, maybe mid or late 2011 since it was given to me late in February.
                  Hard to the touch, this cigar had a dark, veinless, oily wrapper. Nice pre-light draw but I couldn't pick up any flavours. The draw was a little firm but the cigar gave off some good smoke. It was a good solid medium body. It isn't at all like the D4's I remember from the past. I was picking up flavours of coffee and wood now. Continues to be a medium body and the ash fell on its own. We're at about the 1/4 mark The burn is even and the draw rights itself.
                   At about the halfway mark the burn is slightly off so I adjust it with the torch. I'm picking up a strong wood taste now and the burn continues to be off at just past the halfway mark.
                   Getting closer to the the last 1/3 the cigar picks up strength and gets a little tighter. It went out a couple of times but eventually opened up but was quite strong. It went as far as I could, when it turned on me I stopped. A better man might have gone on but I had enough.
                   I don't know what this cigar might do with age. I'm sure I could have smoked more of it if it aged a few years but it doesn't start out as an overly strong cigar. Maybe age might give it some character. Maybe it might fix those inconsistencies I experienced in the second half of the smoke. Regardless, anyone that I know that was a D4 lover has told me they're not liking them. I enjoy them either way and if you've never had one before I'm sure you're gonna love it.


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