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Monday 9 April 2012

H.Upmann Noella (cigar review)

              This would be the 2009 Noellas LCDH glass jar. 5000 jars of 25 cigars became available late in 2010. They contain 25 coronas, 42 x 135mm (5.3"). It's a La Casa del Habanos exclusives, available only at LCDH stores around the world. They were a standard production cigar until the early 80's, sold with similar packaging. This jar was brought back from the LCDH in Veradero, Cuba, where they had a huge supply. The price was very attractive at 122.25cuc.
               The wrapper on this cigar was smooth, light coloured and firm to the touch. The pre-light draw gave off hints of leather and wood. Once lit, the mild bodied cigar continued to give off flavours of leather and wood with an even burn. Close to the halfway mark the cigar was beginning to burn hotter through the middle. At this point I flicked the ash and made the proper adjustments. I began to pick up some nuttiness now but other than that the cigar didn't change until there was a third left to go, that's when it began to turn on me. It was still burning a little hot inside and began to pick up strength but the flavour came back. At a quarter to the end I was getting some bitterness in my mouth and it was real hot so I put it down for a while to let it cool. It was better on the relight but stronger. I was able to smoke it down to the end. I drank a Taylor Fladgate port that seemed to go quite well with it.
               A nice little smoke and like I said, for 122.25cuc in Cuba, it's a pretty good price. The jar is what sells it. You can get a good corona for under 100cuc in Cuba but the presentation is worth it. As far as what the future holds for this will be better in a couple of years, it still has a little youth to shake off.

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