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Sunday 23 August 2015

Cars of Cuba (June 2015 part 2) A Pictorial

                   For the Classic Car enthusiast Cuba is an oasis of eye candy with an estimate of 60,000 of these beauties, most of which are in dubious condition, traversing roads all over the country since before the revolution. There's nowhere you can go without encountering from a few to a multitude of these classic machines. The horse and buggy may outnumber cars in the countryside but the classics outnumber any of the newer models unless you go to the larger cities like Pinar del Rio. The largest amount of these cars, in quantity compared to the rest of the country, will be in Havana. I wasn't able to find the information telling me how many of the 60,000 classic cars are running in Havana (a city of 2 million) but there are a high concentration in the downtown core as many of them operate as taxis for the local population. There are many routes that crisscross across the city where most of (9 out of 10) the cars are the classics. I went crazy on my latest trip this past June. When I reviewed my pictures I had a humongous amount of cars, so I split it into 2 posts. This is the second bunch. There won't be a third. I hope you enjoy them.