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Monday 31 August 2015

Art Pub Bar Restaurant (Havana)

                 The landscape of Havana is changing rapidly and nowhere is that more evident than in the restaurant industry. So many places are opening up now that the laws have changed that it's almost impossible to keep up, certainly so if you don't live there. On one of my walking trips through Old Havana I came across this spot and stopped in for a bottle of water. The sign and the name is what lured me in to take a look. What I found was a nicely designed restaurant-bar that doubles as a gallery. In this case photographs were on display adorned with camera props that made me think that photos are the usual exhibit here. There's a quaint little courtyard patio in the back set up with tables and chairs. They advertise music, tapas, meals etc.... but I forgot to take pictures of the menu, or maybe I opted not to because I only stepped in to take pictures (I took a copy from their website). I don't know if I would have a meal here but tapas are not out of the question, however, it's a little ways out of the main fray. It's located on Calle Brasil between Aguacate and Compostela, far from the usual tourist traffic. I'll be curious to see if they're still open when I go back this fall. I wish them the best of luck, it's a cool looking spot.

Art Pub
Calle Brasil no.306
e/ Aguacate y Compostela
La Habana Vieja
tel. (7) 861 5014
open 12pm-12am

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