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Friday 28 August 2015

Random Art (Havana) June 2015

                 Havana is brimming with art either in the various galleries set up all over the city, government buildings, hotel lobbies and even on the street. That is to say at any other time of year you will find an abundance of art visible to the eye but during my last trip, when these pics were taken, the Bienal was in town. This meant that you couldn't go anywhere without bumping into a work of art or several. These pics are a few random leftovers after I had finished organizing everything.

Ana Isabel R. Mendoza

Street Art commemorating Mexico’s student massacre

Street Art

Niels Reyes $8000cuc

Niels Reyes

Vladimir de Leon Llaguno $4000cuc

Ernesto Garcia Pena

Alexander Cedeno

Jurgen Rodriguez

Isabel Bustos y Jose Eduardo Yanes

Isabel Bustos y Jose Eduardo Yanes

Nelson Dominguez

Anisis Gonzalez Bello

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