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Wednesday 17 February 2016

H.Upmann Magnum 50 (my thoughts) box date unknown

                 The reason I didn't know the box date for this cigar is because it came from a 3-pack that was  bought late last year at the Varadero Airport in Cuba. I don't remember the last time I smoked one. I had smoked a Magnum 56 a few days before and thought that was an absolutely amazing cigar. These cigars were smoked late December 2015.
                  It was a slightly veiny cigar with a bumpy cap, almost dark in colour and was hard when squeezed. Once lit the draw was good and so was the burn until I got to the 3/4" mark and began the touch-ups with my torch. Strength and flavourwise it was a shadow of the Mag 56, it was mild to medium (mild for my tastes) , woody with hints of earth. I smoked right down to the end.
                 It wasn't a bad cigar, it was a bit mild for my taste but otherwise a pleasant smoke. I would recommend this to novice Cuban cigar smokers. As far as quality of smoke goes, it was a good buy. If you're ever at a Cuban airport and aren't over your limit of cigars when leaving, picking up a couple of these 3-packs wouldn't be a bad thing to do.


  1. Nice review, thank you.
    This is one of my absolute favorite cigars, I simply love the woody and sweetness that comes with it.

    I agree that it is a mild to medium smoke, but in my opinion the flavours are so good that it is a cigar for the novice as well as the experienced smoker, assuming we're talking about an experienced smoker that can still appreciate a milder smoke, which I realize most can't.

    Also, seems like I have to light up one of the Mag56s I've got in the humi.

    1. Thanks. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice cigar, I don't mind something on the mild side sometimes. It just took me by surprise....the 56 is completely different. Let me know what you think of it when you smoke it David.

    2. Finally had a chance to try the Mag 56, and it was a pleasant surprise. I find most Upmanns to be mild to medium, but this Mag 56 was definitely medium to full bodied, almost full bodied. I did find it still needs some ageing, as most flavours haven't truly settled down yet.
      It's not a cheap smoke, but given the similarities I encountered with the CORO Supremos, it's actually not that expensive either. Might be tempted to buy a box!
      On a side note, did you make it to the Festival this year?

    3. Hey David, I didn't make the festival this year, I'll be there for the Rolling Stones concert. I'll be there in 2 days.

    4. I'm envious! Have fun, and do try to find some Diplomaticos Excelencia - they're apparently already selling out everywhere!

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