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Sunday 14 February 2016

NAO Restaurant Bar (Paladar) Havana

                We weren't even looking for this restaurant when we came here the first time but liked it so much we came back within the week. We were walking through Old Havana and decided we were hungry by the time we got to Plaza de Armas. Our first thought was the restaurant 'El Templete' and we were headed there when we came across this restaurant instead. If you're in the Plaza de Armas and you face the Hotel Santa Isabel, to your right is the continuation and final piece to Calle Obispo (look at fotos 2-4), that's where you'll find NAO. We thought about it while standing in front of the restaurant and decided 'what the heck', let's give it a try and we're glad we did.
                 Reasonably priced good food, pleasant service and desserts made in-house. The wine list was a chalkboard covering a chunk of a wall showing the latest stock. It was limited and had a couple of options may be the only complaint I have but I was still able to find something suitable. The restaurant has 3 sections; upstairs, downstairs and patio with no smoking allowed indoors (sorry, that's another complaint since I smoke cigars). We sat upstairs where the 3 piece band was playing and found it to be cozy and romantic. 
                 As far as the food goes, we had two meals here and I posted pictures for both below. Our first meal was the whole snapper that we both had and enjoyed immensely and for the second visit my date had a fish filet and I had the rabbit, both our meals were once again quite tasty. The stuffed tostones for an appetizer were jammed with shrimp and I enjoyed their take on hummus even though my date prefers the original version. To finish things off, the pumpkin flan was a delight.  
                As you can see from the bills, the prices are quite reasonable. We will definitely come back to this place and I would and have recommended this to others. 

NAO Bar Paladar
Calle Obispo Nro 1, e/ San Pedro y Baratillo, 
Habana Vieja,
53 7 867 3463
open 12-12 daily

Front of restaurant looking south towards Plaza de Armas

Front of restaurant looking north towards Havana Harbour


Upstairs Dining Room

Live Music Upstairs

House Hummus


Red Snapper

Shrimp Filled Tostones

Fish Filet


Pumpkin Flan

The Wine List