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Friday, 5 February 2016

Road to Playa Jutias (Pinar del Rio)

               Jutias is a 4 square kilometer island connected to the mainland by a causeway belonging to the Archipelago de Los Colorados, a chain of small islands and keys along Cuba's north-western coast. About an hours drive from Vinales through the municipality of Minas Matahambre that's in Pinar del Rio province. Lots of hills and curves, were coming from somewhat of an elevated position in Vinales, eventually coming to a valley overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. We drive by rural areas, farms with scattered towns & abandoned mines and see more livestock than automobiles on the road along the way. At times the scenery was quite picturesque and sometimes a little monotonous but as always, interesting. I've driven over a causeway before when I stayed in Cayo Coco but it always amazes me this feat of engineering. Beautiful beaches that are a bit of a drive to get to but uncluttered with the usual hordes of tourists. Worth the drive if you're in Vinales as I was.

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