Robaina's plantation

Monday 22 February 2016

Quinta y 16 LCDH (Miramar) Havana

                 Located in a lovely neighbourhood in the Miramar district of Havana, this Cigar Shop also boasts a decent restaurant that trains servers and kitchen staff. The food is passable but inexpensive for a tourist. However, the cigar shop is the main attraction with it's huge walk-in humidor, large smoking area, well stocked bar and the man of the hour 'Carlos Robaina' as the PR man greeting and talking to all the aficionados that come by to purchase or have a smoke in the comfortable surroundings.
                 I don't come here as often as I should, especially since Carlos and I have been friends for years, but when I do I enjoy my time here very much. Sadly I don't buy my cigars in this store but as you can see by the photographs below they have a decently stocked humidor. However, don't look for anything special here or pretty much anywhere else in the city. Although they're well stocked with pedestrian smokes, there weren't even any Behikes to be found on the shelves. That's not a shot against this shop, most, if not all the shops in the city, are lacking in Behikes. Anyway, I come here to say hello to my friend Carlos and have a cigar and a few drinks and the only reason I look at the cigars is to inform my readers, therefore it's all good to me.
                 They have a house roller here as they do in most of the cigar shops in the city and her name is Maria. Like all the rollers of this caliber, she rolls some amazing cigars that are worth trying. If you're in the neighbourhood, come by and grab a quick bite, buy a cigar or two and say hello to Carlos on my behalf.

Casa del Habano 5ta. y 16
5ta. Ave. No. 1407 esq. a 16,
Miramar, Havana
Telephone: (537) 2047973