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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Punch Edición Regional Suiza 2015 (my thoughts)

                 Firstly I would like to thank Margrit Wandeler & Andreas Stachl for inviting me to an event that gave me the opportunity to try this cigar before it's official release in Switzerland. The two of them own a couple of cigar shops in Switzerland (La Corona Cigar Shop & Casa LaCorona) and we've become friends over the years as ours paths have crossed during the Partagas Encuentro. They were kind of enough to invite me to the La Guarida Rooftop Patio in Havana for a quasi official tasting of this cigar that hadn't been released yet....and I honestly don't know if it was finally released. But I can tell you what I thought of it.
                  The conditions for smoking this cigar were both great and not so great. Who wouldn't want to try a cigar on the roof of a building watching the sun go down over the Havana skyline? And there lies the rub....too many distractions, especially since I knew a lot of the people invited and it was a last chance to talk with them before they headed back to their corresponding countries. I did the best I could under the circumstances.
                   The cigar felt heavy, if that makes any sense. It was well packed and very hard to the touch. It had a smooth, oily, flawless wrapper that was darkish in colour. I was concerned that it might be a bit tight but the pre-light dispelled those thoughts. Once lit it was big off the start, the burn appeared to be good. Into the first half inch and it was still big and by the time it reached the first inch the flavours began to settle down with burnt wood premiating above it all. The cigar began to canoe and the strength pulled back a little to a medium to strong.
                   About halfway through this smoke and it begins to turn on me but smooths out shortly afterwards. I smoked about another quarter of this cigar before going on my way. By this time I was beginning to struggle with it anyway. I tried to light it the next morning and was able to get a few puffs in before i gave it up for good.
                   It was a wonderful cigar that very busy flavour wise (couldn't quite put my finger on it with all the confusion), definitely needs some time to age and settle down. In my opinion I believe this will turn into a much better smoke with a few years rest. Give it a try if you get the opportunity.