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Wednesday 14 December 2016

Casa del Ron y Tobaco (Cigar Shop) Nov.2016 Havana

                   I wrote a little something about this shop being one of the overlooked spots in the city when it comes to buying cigars. That part of the story hasn't changed. I also mentioned how you might find nuggets in a place like this....that's not entirely true. Although some of the other small shops may not have a fixed clientele (or they might) and therefore their stock is a free for all, this shop does. What that means is that some of the more special stuff will be tucked away somewhere hidden from wandering eyes and reserved for regular customers. In other words, you must make yourself a somewhat regular in order to have access to the more desirable selection....and rightfully so. Israel, the top salesman and most knowledgeable at this shop, is the husband of Odalys who works at the Partagas shop. He's always waiting with a hug and a smile and to serve you in any way he can. There's a small smoking lounge in the back of the store which I used as a meeting place on my last trip since hardly anyone goes here....most people don't know of it's existence. I met the director on my very last visit in November (I came several times), Gustavo Garcia Villalon, a serious looking fella that I know I can count on if Israel happens to not be there on the day I visit. The shop is not only well stocked with rums for sale to take with you, it also has a wet bar selling shots of rum, coffee and beer. If you want to be recognized here, I suggest you start buying, drinking and spending some money in this shop. It's centrally located right next to the Floridita, I got some good shots of the outside of the building this time.

Casa del Ron y Tobaco
Obispo y Bernaza
Alto del Floridita


Smoking Lounge

Director Gustavo Garcia Villalon and Israel

Israel with customer and good friend Monia from Toronto

Director Gustavo Garcia Villalon


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