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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Pinar del Rio Nov.2016 (A Pictorial)

                     Besides Havana this is my favourite part of the country. Of course it's where the best tobacco is grown, but I have also developed many friendships in the more than a decade of traveling to the area. I enjoy the country life, albeit temporarily, and the inhabitants here. It's a shame that the people of this area are the butt end of many jokes about Cubans by Cubans. I have no end of pictures of this area and it's always difficult to decide which ones to post, many of them never make it. Below are some from my current visit this past November.

On the Highway heading towards Pinar del Rio

Church just outside the city of Pinar del Rio heading towards Tobacco country

Beauty Salon

City of Pinar del Rio

Almost everyone who owns a car in Cuba is a mechanic 

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