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Saturday 13 August 2016

Cafe Fortuna (Miramar) Havana Eatery Coffee Bar

                  My driver and I went on a bar-restaurant hopping trek one afternoon and this is one of the spots he took me to. We didn't eat here, we did so prior to our visit, he just wanted to show me an inexpensive local hangout that serves a wide range of hot and cold coffees as well as cocktails and some light snacks or meals. I'm not sure I would want to eat anything beyond a sandwich in this place but it definitely merits a visit for a coffee. 
                   The theme is Nautical and the Servers are dressed in Mariner attire, although I don't know what that has to do with coffee. The outside of the building, or the restaurant part of it, is made to look like a deck of a ship with the front (facing the street) of the patio being a booth that's made to look like the front of a ship. This space used to be a second floor apartment by the ocean. You can visibly see the water to the back of the patio facing North. Once again there's a mismatch when you enter the main space, it has nothing to do with a Nautical theme. However, the designers did a wonderful job of creating a haphazard space that's so busy to the eye but still very pleasant. No two chairs match, there's a mattress on the ceiling, a bathroom is converted into a booth and a carriage has been turned into 2 separate tables....I can go on and I know my camera must have missed something in the dark but it's safe to say an interesting collage of artifacts have been assembled to create this space. It's worth checking out at least for a coffee if you're in the area but because of it's inexpensiveness I've been told it's almost always busy. However, we had no trouble getting a seat outside on the patio in the 37 degree summer least we were in the shade. 

Cafe Fortuna,
1ra y Esq. 24, Miramar
te. (+53) 5 4133706

open 9am-12am

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