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Saturday 20 August 2016

Casa Lombillo (Art Exhibit) Habana Vieja

                    This is one of many great spots to view art as the mansion that once belonged to the Count of Lombillo has been converted into a Museum & Art Gallery. Great location, it's one of the buildings in the Plaza de La Catedral. This Square is a must visit if you're touring Havana for the first time. You can easily spend well over an hour here with the Bodeguita del Medio (where the mojito became famous) 30 meters down one street, Dona Eutimia (a great restaurant) 30 meters down another, 3 museums within the square & a table on a patio in the square where you can finish it all off with a cafe con leche...I repeat, well over an hour. The Casa Lombillo art exhibits change pretty regularly, I've never seen the same exhibit twice, and there's no fee for entering. This particular exhibit was a little pumped up, there were more than the usual amount of paintings on display with more variety and better known artists. It was because of the Bienal de La Habana.

 Mabel Poblet

Rigoberto Mena

Aimee Garcia

Alicia Leal

Angel Ramirez

Eduardo Abela

Eduardo Roca

Elsa Mora

Ernesto Garcia Pena

Ileana Mulet

 Juan Moreira

Leslie Sardinas

Luis Enrique Camejo

Mario Garcia Portela

Maykel Herrera

Moises Finale

Nelson Dominguez

Sandra Ramos

Zaida del Rio

Alicia de La Campa

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