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Saturday 6 August 2016

Hotel Mercure Sevilla (Cigar Shop) Havana

                 Times are tough nowadays when it comes to shopping for cigars in Cuba, specifically in Havana. When I say it's hard, I don't mean the regular pedestrian stuff, I'm talking about anything with a little age on it. The latest EL's were still available, I even found a couple of the Diplomatico Excelencia, but you probably won't find any on your next trip. What I like to do now when looking for something special is troll through the little nondescript shops where most aficionados don't go. This particular one, in the Hotel Sevilla, is a decent little shop with a selection of about 50 loose cigars available....not even the Partagas shop has that many cigars available in singles. What did I find in this shop that was interesting??.........two boxes of 2010 Robaina Don Alejandro. I stopped looking after that. I'll post about a few more of these shops through the next few weeks leading up to my next trip. Although the address below shows the entrance being on Calle Trocadero, there's also a side entrance on Prado that takes you right to the shops, including this cigar shop. Happy hunting.

Hotel Sevilla
Trocadero #55 e/ Prado y Zulueta

Front Entrance above and below

Entering from Prado

Friendly Service

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