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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Hotel Nacional (Cigar Shop) Havana

                 As I said on my previous Cigar Shop post, on this past trip to Cuba I visited many of the lesser known shops around the city. Although the Hotel Nacional is quite famous, the cigar shop isn't. It does have a relatively famous roller named Milagro working here but she wasn't present on this visit. Even though her table is located on the ground floor where the shops are, in the wine store to be exact, the shop itself is located downstairs. I imagine it's so people see there's shop or at least are lured in and later discover the fact. The shop isn't very big but it does have a smoking lounge, a fairly well stocked walk-in humidor (stocked with pedestrian smokes) and has about 30 single cigars for sale. I didn't flip any boxes over as it was near the end of my trip and I was already well beyond my limit. The lounge is always empty, why smoke here when the best patio in the city is located just steps away.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Calle 21 y O, Vedado,
Havana, Cuba

Milagro (house roller)

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