Robaina's plantation

Sunday 28 August 2016

Hotel Habana Libre LCDH (Havana) Summer 2016

                  This Cigar Shop is located in a most central spot in the Vedado District of Havana in the Hotel Habana Libre. They have a roller like most shops and one day I'm going to have to try one of his cigars. I've never heard anyone mention anything about the roller in this spot. This is most likely the best stocked walk-in humidor in the city but the feature I like best of all is the amount of single cigars they have for sale at any given time. After reviewing my pictures, without exaggeration, I counted at least 80 cigars available as singles....that is to say, that many boxes were open. It isn't just the pedestrian cigars that are sold that way either, Edicion Limitadas and LCDH releases as well and lots of Cohibas and Trinidads. I've tried the Partagas Anejado this way and bought a box afterwards as well as the Ramon Allones EL 2015, Hoyo Anejado and Cohiba EL 2014 just to name a few. Last night I smoked 2 cigars I bought as singles here, a Diplomatico #2 and the Trinidad Vigia, both wonderful cigars. They have a private room for functions and a small smoking area that I never see anyone sitting in. The bar only serves coffee, no alcohol, you'll have to get your mojitos from the bar around the corner.

Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
Calle L e/ 23 y 25, Vedado