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Saturday 13 August 2016

Hotel Melia Cohiba (Art Gallery) Havana Summer 2016

                    Cuba does a tremendous job of promoting it's Art by displaying it everywhere and nowhere is that more evident than in it's Capitol City, Havana. In Havana it's difficult not run into some kind of Exhibit or another in some of the most unexpected places. The second floor of the Hotel Melia Cohiba is one place that has had an always changing display hanging on it's walls from since at least the time I started to visit here about 10 years ago. I initially came for the Cigar Shop that's on this floor but now I'm almost as excited to see what's on exhibit. There are always 30 or more paintings on the walls with a few sculptures added on occasion.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave Paseo entre 1 y 3, Havana

Gustavo Cesar Echevarria (Cuty)

Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho)

Niels Reyes

Ania Toledo

Ernesto Rancan

Roldan Lauzan

Flora Fong

Nelson Dominguez

Daniel Rodriguez Collazo

Luis Camejo Vento

Yamil Izquierdo

Zaida del Rio

Ever Fonseca

Juan Jose Blanco Lozano

Alberto Sautua

Sergio Hernandez Moliner

Vladimir de Leon Llaguno

Ruben Fernandez

Juan Moreira

Jorge Lopez Prado

Luis E. Camejo

unknown artist

Adigio Benitez

Carlos Quintana

Angel Eusebio Rivero (Andy)

Manuel Mendive

unknown artist

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