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Thursday 11 August 2016

Hotel Melia Cohiba LCDH (Havana) Summer 2016

                    This is one of my favourite cigar shops in Havana. Located on the floor above the main lobby via the escalator in the Hotel Melia Cohiba. It's a shame they disallowed smoking everywhere in this hotel except in the Cigar Shop. No more sitting at one of the bars in the beautiful lobby of the hotel smoking a cigar while sipping on a cocktail. No worries, the Cigar Shop has always had a well stocked bar and experienced bartender to go with it. The store is pretty ample in space, they have a small stage setup where they have live jazz in the evenings....and you can smoke. Keep that in mind when you're looking for someplace to go to at night that allows smoking. Little by little places are disallowing smoking and the new ones that open begin by not allowing it. Very few places actually have a smoking section indoors. If you come to shop for cigars, the lovely Vivian will skillfully attend to your needs by taking you to the well stocked humidor to fill your request. Don't forget that sweet Juanita is the house roller here and very popular among the Aficionados around the world. Too bad she wasn't there on either of my visits. Tell Vivian and Juanita I say hello.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave Paseo entre 1 y 3, Havana


Juanita (house roller)

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